"To contribute to economic and social development through the promotion and advocacy of sound economic policies."

Economics Association of Zambia

During Wildlife Policy Review Workshop The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) in collaboration with the Natural Resources Consultative Forum (NRCF) held a stakeholder consultative workshop on Thursday, 21st May, 2015. Realisation of the potential contribution of the Wildlife Industry to the Zambian economy was the subject of discssion.

The Workshop was graced by Hon. Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Christopher Mvunga and the Permanent Secretary from the  same Ministry, Dr. Ronald Simwinga. Others in attendance included Diplomats,World Bank Zambia Office and Former Zambia Tourism Board Chairperson Errol Hickey  amongst others.

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New EAZ Board with outgoing EAZ President The EAZ is set to work towards coming the first choice in providing macroeconomic policy, research and analysis to the state. According to the EAZ president, Dr. Chrispin Mphuka, who is also the head of economics department at the University of  Zambia, the advice that government receives from international institutions is well appreciated but should only supplement advice from Zambian economists.

Further, the EAZ has called upon economics and business administration departments of higher learning institutions to take up lead roles in providing the government with empirical evidence based research necessary to assist government with economic decision-making.

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The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) will be holding it’s 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, 15th May, 2015.
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1. EAZ AGM notice
2.Nomination paper.
3. The EAZ Constitution.
4. Articles of Association.
We also take this opportunity to inform you that the EAZ Audited Financial statements for 2012 and 2013 are ready for inspection and the 2014 audited report will be ready on Thursday,30th April, 2015. The 2014 audited report can be collected from the EAZ Secretariat.


Nomination Paper

THE EAZ Constitution


Kindly note that only EAZ paid up members in 2014 and paid up members in 2015 members up till 30th April, 2015 will have the right to vote .
Also note that only paid up members in the last three consecutive years can vie for a position.


Mr. Isaac Ngoma The Economics Association of Zambia President, Mr. Isaac Ngoma called for prudent management of resources during an interview recently. He also called for maintenance of high level of strictness to ensure that the needs of the country are confined within manageable levels.

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Mine in Zambia  In the 2015 Zambia National Budget, the government  proposed a mining tax regime which sparked controversy among stakeholders. On 2oth April, 2015 the Zambian government made changes to the 2015 budget and announced new tax rates.

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