The Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ) held a media briefing on the state of national economic affairs at Zamcom Lodge in Lusaka today. The event featured insightful discussions on Zambia’s current economic landscape, challenges, and opportunities for sustainable growth. The Vice President of EAZ Mr. Mbanji Milambo opened the session with welcoming remarks, followed by a comprehensive keynote address from the President, Dr Oswald Mungule. The briefing concluded with a Q&A session, allowing media representatives to engage directly with EAZ leadership.

We are pleased to attach a detailed summary of the insights shared during the briefing for our members to read through. These insights cover critical areas of economic policy, sustainable development strategies, and innovative financing mechanisms that are essential for Zambia’s economic resilience.

EAZ reaffirms its commitment to playing an advisory role to the government and sharing actionable sector interventions. Our goal is to provide evidence-based recommendations that support robust economic policies and foster sustainable growth. Through continuous dialogue and collaboration with key stakeholders, we aim to address the economic challenges facing our nation and seize opportunities for development.

This media briefing underscores EAZ’s dedication to fostering transparent and informed discussions on crucial economic issues, reinforcing our role as a thought leader in Zambia’s economic landscape.Insights from Economics Association of Zambia A Comprehensive Analysis of the National State