The following are the classes of membership of the association. You can apply for membership after registering on the website first HERE.

Associate: Individuals with interest in the activities of the Association but have qualifications other than Economics or related disciplines.
Corporate: Profit-making organizations.
Economist: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and related disciplines (Development Studies, Finance, Statistics, Administration, Political science, Banking and Mathematics).
International Organisation: Foreign entities.
Junior: Any Tertiary education undergraduate student that graduated within the previous 12 months. Membership available for 2 years maximum after joining.
Local Non-Governmental Organisation: Civil Society, Charities, Associations, Unions, etc.
Senior: An individual with at least ten years of Executive level management or leadership
Student: Individuals currently undertaking undergraduate studies in any field and are interested in the activities of the Association.

EAZ Membership confers a number of important benefits such as the following:

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Access to business, job and consultancy opportunities
  •  Access to valuable reports and research papers
  • Professional development through workshops, seminars and tailor-made training programs
  • Platform to exchange development ideas
  • Avenue to contribute to development practices through boards, technical working groups, etc.

Apply for membership after registering on the website first HERE.