The EAZ has scheduled a Public Discussion Forum on Thursday 11th May, 2023 at Mulungushi Conference Centre, Old Wing in Lusaka from 18:00hrs to 20:00 hrs. The EAZ Public Discussion Fora are held with a view to creating a platform where economists and the members of the public in general engage in informed economic discourse.  

The EAZ has invited the Permanent Secretary (Technical) at Ministry of Agriculture to give a presentation on the subject, “Understanding the Comprehensive Agriculture Transformation and Support Program (CATSP)”. The discussion will address the following:

-	What is CATSP
-	How does it depart form FISP?
-	When is Government likely to implement the program?
-	What is the anticipated impact of the new program?
-	What are the expected challenges?
The public forum will bring together key stakeholders and policy actors from Government, Civil Society, Research and Academia, and other relevant players to deliberate on this subject.
We look forward to your full participation at the discussion