Forging Partnerships: EAZ Delegation Engages with Standard Chartered Bank in Dynamic Meeting
In a vibrant exchange of ideas, the EAZ delegation led by President Dr. Oswald Mungule, Vice President Mbanji Milambo, Deputy National Secretary Emmanuel Zulu, and Acting ED Ms. Tendai Posiana, met with Standard Chartered Bank executives, including CEO Mr. Sonny Zulu, Director Mr. Wiggins Mupango, and Associate Director Mr. Kwale Luputa.
Key highlights of the meeting included discussions on proactive engagement strategies, innovative rebranding initiatives, and value creation for members and stakeholders. The parties explored avenues for diversifying membership, fostering research collaborations and MOUs, and simplifying information dissemination for broader accessibility.
Amidst this collaborative effort, both EAZ and Standard Chartered Bank affirmed their commitment to fostering meaningful partnerships and advancing economic discourse for the benefit of their respective stakeholders and communities.