The EAZ held a brown bag meeting on 17th August, 2023 under the topic: “What would it take for Zambians to Own Large”.

The target speaker for the topic on mining was Dr. Pius C. Kasolo. He was selected for the particular brown bag meeting because of his background in the mining sector. Dr. Kasolo is a renowned business strategist with great expertise in the field of mining exploration. He holds over 20 years of experience in the mining sector in the UK, Europe and Pan-Africa. He was the CEO of ZCCM IH for over 5 years and he helped transform the company from a loss-making position to a world class investment company, he also worked with Anglo American and MAC consulting in South Africa.

With the recent news headlines about mining on the Copperbelt, illicit mining activities and availability of minerals in other parts of Zambia, there has been need for the mining topic to be tackled and the focus of this brown bag is motivated and derived from these occurrences.

It is against this background that EAZ organized this brown bag meeting around the topic ‘What Would It Take for Zambians to Own Large Scale Mines’ and the focus areas of this discussion are:

  1. Access and Availability of copper ore
  2. Technology
  • Skills
  1. Access to finance
  2. Legal and regulatory system
  3. Access to market
  • Culture